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2017 so far

So 2017 has been a pretty crazy year so far hence the lack of updates, I have been putting the new inspire 2 kits throughout their paces in almost every condition imaginable across the globe & they have proven to be almost faultless & the increased speed is a great advantage for the majority of my work chasing cars or aircraft around the skies. we've operated at -10oC and 12,500ft where it was gusting around 15mph winds also.

We've completed some great projects recently for old clients as well as some new ones & a particularly impressive one will be airing at the start of June to a pretty big crowd in a stadium somewhere in Wales.

recently I have completed my PPL(H) which means i'm a fully qualified helicopter pilot alongside the drone stuff too. This gives me a greater understanding of the real thing & because i seem to be working with full size aircraft more and more it gives me a good foothold with the pilots to talk on a level & work out the safest way of filming highly hazardous air to air shots.

LecPark Ltd are now also FAA part 107 approved which means we can undertake aerial filming work in the USA which makes us one of a handful of UK operators to have that capability. we are also in the process of Spanish permission too which require a full pilots licence which i hold.

In the ever changing world of equipment we are relying on the inspire 2 for the majority of work which has seen us retire our Inspire 1 craft to other keen operators who hopefully will put them to great use as we did.

Alongside the large 100,000lumen drone lights we own , we also now have a bespoke laser system for that truly UFO look. matched under the Freefly Alta the multicoloured system can be controlled via remote for either static or animated designs which are being used in an upcoming project which is going to look truly unique.

June & July are now solid with back to back shoots abroad which should offer some amazing opportunities to push ourselves and kit to the limit. update you on some more stuff soon.

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