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I have been involved in filming for many years, before and after getting my degree in video production. Starting as a side line to a career as a professional MTB racer and ending up working on award winning video and TV productions.

I always wanted to see how the boundaries of shots for films could be pushed and started experimenting with go-pros when they first hit the market. Soon they became the industry norm so I started looking around for different and, as yet, unseen angles This was in 2011 and the first serious camera equipped drones were being built by enthusiasts in Europe. I became one of the pioneering UK builder/ operators of these new multirotor drones and their cameras.


More than 5 years down the line, I’ve now used my experience & this technology to create some memorable images for many clients and successful projects including Danny Macaskill’s ’The Ridge’ & BBC ‘Top Gear’, Amazon 'The Grand Tour' & Channel 4 ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’.


I am a member of the Drone Aerial Ops group which is a collective of the most experienced UAV operators in the UK.


Alongside the aerial work done on many of the projects I am also a top rated on board camera grip, mounting various camera systems on any type of vehicle/object imaginable. 


I am also hold a valid private helicopter pilots licence to complement my multirotor skills & put me on a level with full size aircraft which i often operate alongside on set.


From being the first drone operated during the Olympic games at London 2012 to having special permissions rights to film around the Hiroshima war memorial in Japan I've been very fortunate to have been involved in many amazing projects.


Lec Park

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