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Over the years I have built up an arsenal of specialist aerial camera kit. The early days of building & testing every component it has given me a keen eye for kit that is fit for purpose & more importantly know how it works so, if there is an issue on set, the ability is there to diagnose and fix the problem.  


Whether it be the smallest or the largest camera in the most challenging of situations, we have the kit, knowledge & experience to complete the job.


Our main kit but not everything we have is here

DJI Inspire 2 X5S & X7

The newest aircraft released by industry leaders DJI takes the original Inspire 1 template & redefines it to a higher professional level. Not only does the top speed increase to Nearly 60mph but the stabilised X5S camera head is now capable of recording 5.2k cinema dng files. We also run the X7 camera head with it's s35mm sensor and full lens kit which can shoot up to 6k images in both DNG & ProResRAW formats. Both Cameras also convert to apple prores directly to the onboard ssd. This makes delivery of footage & workflow much more efficient. we have 3 full setups making sure if there is an issue we can always deliver. 

FreeFly Alta & Movi

The industry heavyweights trust this setup & so do we. It has a 6.5kg camera payload capability using the stabilised Movi M5/M10/M15 or Movi Pro. It will satisfy any production needing to fly a specific camera/lens combo. The HD video downlink installed on this aircraft for pilot & camera operator can be routed directly to the DOP or OB if required.

Remote iris & follow focus kits are available.

FreeFly Tero Car

A RC Car with a difference. To go along with the aerial systems the Tero can run along the ground at up to 40mph with a Stabilised Movi setup. this makes it great for low level tracking or even simple dolly moves that would require a slider to be setup otherwise. Full HD links from the onboard camera can be streamed direct to video playback or OB.

Custom Builds & Drone Lighting

If your project requires custom building then we also have the facilities & expertise to provide a bespoke solution. Large Drone flyable light arrays are also available to have true airborne light sources. please use the contact page. to discuss this further.


This sub 7kg drone and camera system can only be described as the workhorse of the air. It has been used in many situations that you just wouldn't put a larger sub 20kg rig. The incredible image out of the 4k RAW camera rivals high end cinema cameras. Its ability to be packed into a single case for worldwide travel then transferred into a backpack for hiking makes it a very attractive option for productions with wide ranging location requirements. It can be operated in single or dual operator modes.

DJI S1000+

Being the mainstay on the fleet for a number of years this rig helped film many iconic scenes in 'The Ridge', Redbull barnstorming, Glasgow 2014 commonwealth games & many more.

Although now outranked by the newer setups, the quick deployment of the DJI system has meant it still gets used regularly due it lifting the industry standard 4k panasonic GH4 in it's 3 axis stabilised gimbal. 

3DR Solo

If dynamic shots are required then the solo is a great tool which allows a go pro hero 4 to be mounted in the stabilised gimbal & using the crafts smart moves a variety of incredible shots can be achieved. 

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