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UK CAA ID : 190


Lec Park Aerial has full UK CAA permissions (PFAW) for SUAV's up to 20kg. We also have Worldwide insurance for our operators & kit valid with Public Liability insurance covering us to £5million. 

As well as extensive experience operating in the UK we have been lucky enough to travel some of the most exciting & incredible places worldwide.


On our travels we have operated in Antigua, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Isle of Man, Maderia, Lofoten islands, Cameroon, Principality of Sealand, Japan, Portugal, France, Spain, Mexico, Barbados, Morocco, Jordan, Germany, Equador, Namibia, Italy, Corsica & Vietnam.


We are also the only operator who is a non resident with permissions to film in uae/Dubai & have close links with high end film studios based there. we are currently in the process of gaining spanish operating permissions as lec has his private pilot licence for helicopters which is a stipulation for operating in spain.


Within the UK we have had unique MOD clearance to operate from navy vessels during live fire exercises & access to facilities off limits to regular operators.

We have also been involved in shoots such as Redbull Barnstorming which had special CAA permission for 3 air race planes, a full size helicopter and our drone all operating in close vicinity.


Lec Park Aerial also has permission to operate at night with all craft which has got us involved in some great projects.


Lec Park Aerial is a BBC approved operator & 1st option media group vetted


We are also a member of drone Aerial ops which is a collective of the most experienced & long established aerial operators in the uk.

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