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SAS Who Dares wins series 2

Every so often a recommendation from a longtime cameraman throws up some amazing opportunities..........Earlier this year Mount Creative's Andrew Lawrence & I lugged our kit to Equador to film 25 recruits being put through SAS Jungle Selection for Channel 4's SAS 'Who Dares Wins' show. Having been a fan of the 1st series we knew it would be tough but the jungle really was a different ball game all together. Working alongside the off rig crew of 7 separate camera teams we had to track the action as the recruits were put through their paces. we had to be as invisible as possible & often had to leap out from cover to launch the drone before diving back in so we couldn't be seen. Over the 2 weeks the kit (and us!) were put through 40 degree heat & 100% humidity and thunderstorms that happened daily.

During the shoot we got the opportunity to see some stunning scenery often interrupted with the DS beasting the recruits until they threw up! The shoot required some very technical challenges including a number of air to air helicopter scenes which involved close communication between the aircrew & us. The results were incredible & Andy killed it on the movi work when we were't flying. The 5 part series is out now on Channel 4.

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